Hoarders Hotels, the fastest growing business in America!  large unit dm

Off-site storage companies are the fastest growing business in America.  The American Landscape is becoming littered with acres that add up to many square miles of inline attached garages where consumers hoard their things to be used in times of scarcity.

According to a recent report from the commercial real estate publication REJournals, there are now more self-storage facilities in the U.S., than there are McDonald’s restaurants. Studies have shown that there are over 52,000 self-storage facilities in America, compared to a mere 14,350 McDonald’s restaurants.Exterior of Modern Home Garage and Cars

The country’s accumulation of things is outpacing our capacity to keep them in our homes, as the growth of mini-warehouses attests, dotting the landscape with faceless buildings full of objects we don’t want to see but can’t bear to toss.

But there is more, what’s astonishing is the sheer volume of space devoted to self-storage units – According to the Self-Storage Association, there’s an average of over 22 feet of self-storage space available for every American household.

It is a huge business, generating over $22 billion of revenue in 2014, and it continues to grow, aslarge units dmself-storage companies reap the rewards of our desire to hoard.

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